Thursday, March 26, 2009


I don't know about you guys but I think there is nothing cuter than your husband putting your kid to bed. I just had to take pictures of Allie and Daddy reading books

and getting ready for bed. Allie loves her Daddy when she wakes up in the morning she yells Mommy then Daddy then if I go and get her out of bed she runs right into our room looking for Daddy. It's so cute. Dusty is such a good Dad he's patient, loving and so fun to be around. When he gets home these two just play and play until bedtime.

It's so fun to watch her face light up when he walks through the door. This is

something I have been looking forward to my whole life and I love just sitting back and thinking this is exactly how I pictured it. We love you Dusty!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cold Days...

This weather stinks lately. We were getting used to going outside all day and now we are stuck indoors. So I've been trying to make things more fun for Allie but all she wants to do is play in this basket. I don't know what it is but she loves it so this is how most of our morning went.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Dusty has been busy the last few months studying for his CFP (Certified Financial Planning License) so Allie and I have A LOT of time on our hands with out Dad. He took the test last weekend it's a two day test 10 hours total. I would die sitting in my chair for 4 hours one day and 6 another. But he said that didn't bother him. We won't know the results for 6 weeks! But hopefully he passed it! But while he was away this weekend I decided I better start working on the girls room. I did a black, white and pink color scheme and I love it. It's not all the way done I still have the baby bumper to cover and some wall things but Allie's side of the room is pretty much done. Also, Dusty's sister Stacey bought Allie a little bench it is the cutest thing and Allie loves it. Here's some pictures of her room. Here are some pictures of Allie and her cousin Ashley they played outside and got all wet and dirty hence the no clothes or lack there of.

Also, Allie started sleeping in her "Big" girl bed and she loves it. She's been sleeping so much better. It's so cute to see her in there but weird to me that she is already this old!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's a.....

We are so excited to have another girl. I really did think it was a boy so I was a little surprised. We are so excited for Allie to have a little sister. Everything is looking good baby was really healthy witch is the most important. I'm measuring 3 days early so maybe she'll come sooner rather then later! We'll keep you posted!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Like I said in the post below I would be posting about our Vegas trip. We had such a fun time big thanks to my parents and Dusty's for watching Allie for us. We left Monday March 2nd and got to Vegas around 5:00pm. We and two other couples rented a house for the week. This house had 5 bedrooms, big TV's a pool and hot tub, grill, patio...everything! We had the pool heated for the whole time we were there it was the best it was so warm I could stay in there all day. This trip was just a fun relaxing trip. We went swimming, ate, watched movies, ate some more, played tennis, went shopping, ate again, took naps, slept in, played games, spent all of our money on nerf guns and played hide and seek probably the funniest game EVER! The best night was on Wednesday we kicked the boys out of the house and us girls made the best dinner steak, grilled vegis, salad and grasshopper pie for desert. We lit candles all over the house we put on nice clothes. We made little gift baskets for our rooms. So, when the boys came home they came home to a romantic dinner. After dinner we played 21 with bubble gum. Ashley dominated and won the whole bucket of gum. After that we made virgin margaritas and went in the hot tube. It was the best night ever! We were all pretty sad when the trip was over the only thing that would of made it better for me would have been Allie. Everything we did I would say Allie would love this. But it was good for Dusty and I to have that alone time. These pictures are just randomly put on here they are not in order.


I was hoping I would do better but it's been a month since I last posted. Oh well better late then never. Let's see where to begin....Allie got her first X-rays! Yep that's right. On Thursday night she started acting like something was bothering her and she wouldn't walk on her right leg. I decided to wait and see how she did Friday morning and then we would decide from there what to do. Friday morning came and it was worse she wouldn't put any pressure on it and she was crawling everywhere. So we decided we better take her in and make sure everything was okay. They pulled and pushed around and said everything seemed normal but we should probably get X-rays just in case so we did. I was by myself and since I am pregnant I could not go in the X-ray room with her so I waited outside the door while Allie was screaming bloody murder. I'm in the hall just balling. Finally they finished and we waited for the results. Nothing was broken thank goodness but she did have fluid in her hip from her cold so weird! But she's doing fine now! I'm was just glad everything was okay. In other news Dusty and I and some friends spent a week in Vegas it was so much fun. I will be making a post soon with pictures. Also, we are finding out what we are having on WEDNESDAY!!! I can't wait. Here's some random pictures!