Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dusty's B-day

Dusty turned 26 yesterday! I can't believe we are getting this old. Me, him and Allie all went to Sizzler for dinner...sizzler you ask well Dusty had a 15% off coupon that has been burning a hole in his pocket so we went. It was fun except that Allie decided she was not going to sit in the hi-chair they brought or the booster seat. She just wanted to clim around and play in all the food. So we ate fast and left and went to my parents house where most of my family was able to come over and have cake and ice cream and open gifts. After that we put Allie to bed at there house and we went to a move with our friends Jed and Ashley. We had such a fun time. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching Allie!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My new sweet baby - Baby girl!

This site is really fun! You guys should all do it. Where did this red hair come from? Red hair does run on my mother side of the family. What do you guys think? Does she look like us? Below is a boy version. Don't ask me what is wrong with it's head. I didn't think Dusty and I had weird shaped heads. Apparently we do!

What do you think about my little new baby Baby girl? - What will your baby look like?

My new sweet baby - Robins baby #2!

What do you think about my little new baby Robins baby #2? - What will your baby look like?

Sunday, October 12, 2008


October 7 was mine and Dusty's 3rd wedding anniversary. We celebrated by this weekend spending a night up at Sundance. Becca and Doug went with us since there anniversary is 3 days after ours. They were celebrating their 5th. Well with all the planning and stress we forgot a camera so I will briefly tell you what happened and you can all imagine it. :) We started the day by dropping the kids off at my parents house big thanks to Katelyn, Kasey and Kenize for watching them. We went to Cascade and played miniture golf. We had prizes for the winner and the losers! Doug won then me, Becca and then Dusty he's just not the best putter. After we went and checked into our room. The boys had no idea so it was really fun when we pulled in they were really excited. We got dressed went to dinner at Fanny's grill in Midway then after we tried to make it back in time to ride the ski lift at Sundance but it was closed so we settled for a movie. After movie we just went back to our own rooms so you could do whatever you could think of...right. Dusty and I had a fire place so we set a fire, ate strawberries and chocolate and talked it was really nice to not have Allie and to be just us. We had such a good time the next morning we got to sleep in go to breakfast then we surprised the boys with a couple message. Dusty wasn't really sure about this but he liked it when we were done. All in all it turned out great next ears it's the boys turn to plan. Big thanks to my sisters for watching Allie Friday and for Dusty's parents to dive all the way from Scipio to watch her all night Friday and Saturday. Here are some really cute pictures of Allie on Friday with her cousin Taylor. For some reason to me these pictures make her look so grown up.