Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sick Sick

Well Allie's sickness has taken over our whole weekend. She just hasn't been feeling good and she is so congested. But there is a light at the tunnel she seems better today! I'm hoping Dusty and I can both get more than 4 hours of sleep tonight! Wish us luck.
On another note... we had an interesting valentines day. With Allie being sick it kind of took the romance out of the day but we had fun anyway. Dusty got a movie, Allie got some new sunglasses and I got some books. Can't get any better then that. Here are some fun pictures of us.

Allie's sick

More sick photos

Me at 16 weeks.

Friday, February 13, 2009

What a week.....

This week has gone by so fast and I feel like so much has happened. Monday was the usual went to work in the morning made it home in time for Allie to nap nothing really exciting. Tuesday I had my 16 week doctors appointment and I don't know what it is about doctors offices I was waiting in the room for about 20 min. then the doctors comes in for less then 3 min and that's it. I swear I spend the whole time waiting for the doctor. Oh well it's worth it to hear that heart beat and know everything is okay. I find out what I am having on march 18th. I can't wait! Wednesday was a shopping day I just needed to get out of the house so Allie and I made it over to Old Navy and just looked I didn't buy anything witch is unusual for me. That night Dusty had a basketball game and it was the best game ever! They were down by 10 at the half honestly I didn't think they would win because the team they were playing was really good. But they pulled it off in overtime AMAZING! At about 12:30 Wednesday night I woke up and since I had forgotten to take my prenatal vitamin I decided to take it then and then I could fall back asleep through the nausea but Allie woke up because she is getting this really bad cold and I didn't go back to sleep so I ended up throwing up for the next 45 min. Not fun but I felt fine after I threw up. Thursday went to work then I decided to stay at my Mom's for the afternoon and hang out with my sisters. It was really fun. We went shopping at Motherhood and I finally got some cute maternity clothes. I really didn't care for the my clothes when I was pregnant with Allie and when I pulled them all out they look hammered. (remember how HUGE I was with her) So, I spent a little bit of money and finally have stuff I like. Today has been an adventure I woke up this morning to Allie coughing really bad and gagging so I went into her room and brought her in bed with us. When we both woke up I decided we should take a shower together an try and get that mucus cleared out of her nose and throat. She sounded better after the shower but not great. She was eating breakfast when she couldn't stop coughing and I think made her self throw up. So i took her out of her chair and held her to wipe her off and then she decided to really throw up but this time all over me and her. The smell was incredible I about threw up as well. Well after about 5 more times of this and coughing really bad I called the doctor's office to see if there was something I could do for her. As I was on the phone with the nurse Allie was coughing and the nurse asked is that her and I said yes she said maybe you should come in that sounds pretty bad. So I loaded Allie up and to the Doctors we went. She has a really bad cold and an ear infections and 4 teeth trying to come through so not a good week for her. Hopefully we can get her feeling better soon. I hate sick babies but I will say she really is so cute sick all she wants is me and I love it. Plus the long naps aren't to bad. She's been sleeping since noon and it's almost 4. Too bad I've had to clean up throw up, do laundry and disinfect my house. Oh well she's worth all of it. Here's some cute pictures of Allie this week. This was the first week I could get her hair in pigtails. I can't wait till she gets just a little more hair :)