Saturday, November 20, 2010

Avie Robins

Avie Robins was born on the 17th at 7:49pm. She weighed 7.3 and 18 1/2 inches long. She had a pretty tramatic birth but we are so glad she made it here safe and sound. It all started that morning when I decided to get up and clean the upstairs so after Dusty left for work I went upstairs to put laundry away and then next thing I new my water broke. I was so excited. I ran to the bathroom and called Dusty. He had just gotten to work so he hurried and left to come back home. I called my Mom and told her I needed her to come and get my girls. Dusty showed up and we packed up our stuff and took off to the hospital. Once we got there they took me into the room and had me get in a gown and said they would come check and make sure my water broke. Well when the nurse came to check me the paper that they use to see if your water broke is supposed to turn a dark blue and mine was turning yellow. She said it looked like my water did not break but I knew it had so she said she would check me to see if I was dialated and that it might help move the baby out of the way. Well it did and the paper turned blue. We got me all hooked up to the machines and they started me on pitocin. I dialated to a 5 pretty fast then I was ready for my epidural. They gave me the epidural and 5 hours later I was only at a 6! It was taking forever. Avie was not liking the contractions and her heart rate kept dropping lower then they like to see it so they kept watching us very closely. As time went by they were getting concerned because her heart rate was not getting better so they were thinking that the cord was most likely around her neck. This got me all worried I couldn't keep my eyes off the monitors. They kept reassuring me that if things got bad they would do a c-section. I did not want a c-section at all so I started praying. Well about 20 min later I started feeling a lot of pressure down stairs and told the nurse I am feeling a lot of pressure and she said ok lets check you. I was just checked like 30 min prior and so I thought maybe I dialated just a little more no I was at a 10 and ready to go her head was right there we just needed to wait for the doctor. We called my mom and told her she better hurry. When the doctor walked in it was 7:43 and we called my Mom to tell her Avie was here at 7:48. I pushed through 1 contraction and she was out. The cord was around her neck pretty tight the doctor had to cut it off as soon as her head came out but she started crying right off so that took away all my fears. I got to hold her for a little bit then they were concerned about her breathing so they took her. As you can see in the pictures she had to have a c-pap and an IV. After about 2 hours she was cleared and I got to have her back in my arms. I am so grateful to have a happy healthy baby. She has been amazing! She hardly cries and sleeps a lot. The girls love her and are so proud of her it has been so cute to see then interact with her.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I hate waiting... I have never been a patient person and this baby is taking way to long for my liking to get here! I just want to see her cute little face and I wonder if she will look like Allie and Aubrie. On a side note...we got Aubrie a twin size bed and put it in Allies room. we have been trying to get her to sleep in it the last few nights and so far we have had 1 night of success. Allie just gets so excited to have Aubrie in her room all they want to do is play. It took them 2 hours the other night to calm down and finally go to sleep. I don't know if I can keep this up. I just keep thinking maybe we should wait till Aubrie is just a few months older then maybe things will be different but I'm thinking Allie will be just as excited. I don't know.... cribs are so easy... you put them in and they can't get out :). I guess we'll keep trying for now but I just don't know how long I want to do this for especially when the baby gets here...which will be Saturday of not before. Here are some pic. of them in their "new" room together. We are still working on wall decorations.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It's been about 4 months since i last posted. Where did all that time go?? Things are great over here we are doing soo good! We moved into our new home in June and we are loving all of the extra space. I need to get pic up of our house but that would require for it to be clean and right now it is not so maybe next time :). just a quick update on each kid:

Allie turned 3 in September and it was so fun this year cause she new it was her birthday. She has really gotten into princesses so she got a lot of princess dresses, shoes and necklaces. She has become such a good big sister and loves Aubrie so much somtimes too much but still it is cute to see them together. She just started dance and she loves it. Or as she would say Dance is wonderful! She says the funniest things these days and I can't help but laugh all day long!

Aubrie turned 1 in July. She has been walking since she was 10 1/2 months old. she is always wanting to do what her sister Allie does and gets made when she can't. She talks all day long and understands most things coming out of my mouth. She is so smart. she can say Mom, Dad, Grandma, ball, binky, blanky, apple, ball, balloon, Allie, more, done, candy, banana and I am probably leaving out others. She is really letting her personality show right now and we are loving it.

Dusty is still working in Salt lake everyday. I think the drive is getting to would get to me that is for sure but he always comes home so happy and ready to help me with everything. He is such a good Dad and the kids are so excited to see him when he gets home. He just got called at the Young Men's Pres. in our ward so he has been really busy but he is doing such a good job.

Me, I am finally a stay at home Mom. I no longer have a job. This is sad but also really good. Sometimes I don't know how to fill my day but i am sure that will change when this baby gets here. I can't believe we are going to have 3 kids! This blows my mind but I can't wait. I can't wait to see if she will look like the other girls. Anyday now she will be here but if she is not here by the 20th they will take her. I did not want to be in the Hospital over Thanksgiving! Anwyay I think that's a good catch up for today.