Thursday, February 28, 2008

First Ear Infection and Fever

I went to the doctor yesterday because Dusty and I were up pretty much all night Tuesday. Allie had the worst cough and runny nose and she was on fire. She was sweating so bad. So, Wednesday morning I took her in. The doctor checked her ears and one of her ears was infected then they looked at her throat and thought she might have strep because her throat was so red. They took a swab of her throat luckily it came back negative so they wanted to test her for RSV and the Flu luckily those were also negative. So we ended up with an ear infection and a fever of 100.6. I gave her Tylenol around the clock which made her sleep all day yesterday but because of her sore throat she would not eat anything. Her diapers were barley wet and on top of that she's got diarrhea. When should I worry about dehydration? She ate a total of 9 ounces yesterday and so far today only 5. I have tried every thing I tried just giving her water she won't take it formula and rice cereal. Nothing she won't drink it she cries every time she swallows I feel so bad for her. Hopefully it will pass soon.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Like Father, Like Daughter

I have no idea why people keep saying we look alike.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Okay so Allie woke up Sunday morning with a light cough and runny nose. I was a little nervous but was okay since she was acting like her normal self. It seems right now everyone I know is either getting over a cold or thinking they are getting sick so it was only a matter of time before she got it. Today Allie has the worst cough and goes on these coughing spasms where she gags herself and her eyes get all watery. My question to you all is do i just wait till she gets REALLY bad or do I take her in? She is acting normal except for a little more crying today. Her cough doesn't sound like croup or anything. You can hear that she has stuff in her throat. I suck out those boogers all the time and I make sure she has her humidifier on every night. Is there anything else to do?

Thanks for all of your help!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

More Pictures of Us

Allie is in her "big girl"tub. She loves it!
She is learning how to hold the bottle. I can't wait til she can do it all the time!
Me and Allie.
All of us on Sunday

4 Months Old

Allie made it she's 4 months old and so dang cute. We had her doctors appointment and she weighed a wopping 12 lbs 15 ounce and 24 inches long. SHe's rolling over, trying to sit up but she loves to stand with my help of course. She laughs a lot especially in the morning and she loves to sleep. She has gotten so fun her personality is really starting to show through. Allie can say is that she loves attention adn she knows how to get it.... I wonder who she gets that from?