Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Surprise surprise...

Well Some of you have heard and other haven't but we are expecting baby number 3 in November. This was a little bit of a surprise for us. We were planning on trying again later this year but it happened a little or A LOT sooner then expected. I didn't believe the pregnancy test so I went to the Hospital and had them draw my blood. I just thought there is no way. But I know now that this little baby is supposed to be in our family and we are excited.

Other stuff that is going on Aubrie got her first tooth today. We were swimming and she keep chewing on her swimsuit and I looked and there it was. she is the best baby in the whole world. Seriously i could not ask for a better baby. She sleeps from 7 at night till 6:30 takes a bottle then goes back to sleep till 8:30 or 9. I love it. Allie has become the cutest little girl with the best imagination. She loves to play barbies. We just got her into a class at the little gym and she loves it. She gets to run around and play with a bunch of kids and it is the highlight of her week. Dusty is busy with school and work. He's has completed 3 classes of his Masters program only 9 more classes to go! I have been busy working and playing with kids and doing all the mother duties. we are still waiting to break ground on our house. Hopefully in the next week or so...cross your fingers.