Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I decided I wanted to document my day today.
Woke up at 5:45 made it to my 6:00 gym class got home at 7 and showered. Allie came into my room as i was getting dressed and said she wanted to go downstairs. We came downstairs and started making breakfast for everyone. The girls had pancakes and I had an egg white omlet. Dusty left for work at about 7:30. 7:45 Aubrie woke up brought her downstairs and gave her some pancakes. Cleaned up Allie and her food area. Avie starts crying go up and get her. Come back downstairs and clean up Aubrie.

Change Avie's diaper, made her a bottle and fed her. Girls played pretty good together in the playroom. i turned on some Dora so they would stay by me till I was done feeding Avie. After avie is fed we head upstairs to get the girls in the shower. Girls are in the shower Avie in the bumbo on the counter while I do my hair and get myself ready. Get the girls out of the shower and lotion, dress them and do their hair. Head back downstairs get us all in the playroom and color and draw pictures for Dad.

Aubrie breaks a few crayons and I think she might of tried to eat a few of them. Avie starts fussing so we get her down for her morning nap around 9:15. After Avie is asleep we get make low-fat sugar free chocolate pudding.

Allie and Aubrie fight over who gets to stir it. after that is done we make a snack of strawberries and chocolate pudding. Avie decides to take a short nap today and woke up at 10. Clean up the snack and tell the girls they need to play while i feed Avie again. After avie is feed we play dress ups and we all just hang out. at about 1130 it's time for me to make lunch.

I make lunch get the girls to come to the table and eat lunch. Right when I get them to sit down Avie is fussing so I decide to feed her a little more and put her down for a nap. 12 Avie is down for a nap girls are just about done with lunch. Aubrie is acting a little funny so I go put her down for her nap. I let Allie play her Dora game while i clean up lunch do a load of Laundry and fold clothes that are on the floor in my bedroom.

I get downstairs to relax for a minute and eat my lunch and I hear Aubrie Screaming. So I run upstairs to get her and she is not happy. I don't know what is wrong....she does have her K9's to come in so I don't know if it's teething, ear infection or a UTI. So I bring her downstairs and just hold her. I decide to put a movie on that we all can watch. so we sit in the living room and watch Open Season and have popcorn. Aubrie seems to act better so I am not as worried. 2:30 it's time to get Allie ready for dance. We start the process of getting out the door. Aubrie needs shoes, Allie needs her dance shoes. Avie needs a diaper change.

Get everyone in the car at 2:55 make it to dance at 3:00. Allie dances while me and the girls walk the track. We walk 2 miles. I had to pretty much hold Avie the whole time and push Aubs in the stroller. Allie gets done with dance and we head home at 4. Get home and everyone is crying because they want to be outside but I said it was to cold. Get inside and start making dinner. Get dinner done just in time before Dusty walks in the door at 5:15. Eat dinner. After dinner i go get my visiting teaching done. 6:30 we start the bedtime process. Avie get s a bath the girls need to get their jammies on and brush their teeth. Everyone is in bed and asleep at 7:45. I come downstairs and clean up dinner do another load of laundry and mop the floor. Man I am tired....This was a busy day for me usually it is not this busy.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bean Museum

Today we decided to venture out and go to the Bean Museum at BYU. I was really nervous to go with just me and the girls something I have not done yet. It actually turned out really fun and the girls loved it. Plus it got everyone tired and ready for naps. I love nap time!

I knew Allie would love it but I was surprised at how much Aubrie liked it as well. She was so good and happy and excited about all the animals.

Avie did really good as well. she was happy to sit in her car seat and smile at me.

Aubrie's Lion impression

So far it's been a good day!

Friday, March 18, 2011


The other day I caught these two playing prophets. Allie was telling Aubrie you are the Prophet Nephi and I am Lehi. It was so cute. It really made me realize that Family Night was paying off. We have been teaching them the Book or Mormon Stories and they seem to be enjoying it.

I love that the older they are getting the better they are starting to play with each other it really is fun to watch. I can't wait till Avie gets thrown in the mix with them. Aubrie tires to play with Avie but it always ends with Avie screaming cause Aubrie is trying to pick her up or throws a ball at her and saying "catch". i don't think she gets that Avie is just too little.

speaking of Avie she had her 4 month old check up yesterday. She is 15lbs and 25.5 inches long. She had ANOTHER ear infection...that makes 3 ear infections in about 2 weeks...so fun. Other then the ear infection she does really well. She sleeps from about 7 at night till 5 then eats and goes back to sleep till 7:30 or 8. She smiles all the time and is by far my easiest child to get to smile. i just love this girl.