Friday, April 17, 2009


We had such a good Easter this year. We loaded up the car on Friday and made our way to Scipio for the weekend. It was so much fun. Scipio does one of the best Easter egg hunts for the kids and Allie loved it. The competitive side of me came out and I kept telling her hurry hurry :) What's wrong with me?? After the hunt we went back to Grandma and Grandpa Robins and had lunch with everyone. Then that's about all Allie could handle and she was off to bed. About a half hour after she went to bed Dusty and I decided we better nap too. Next thing we all new we had been sleeping for 4 hours!

So, that took up most of our day. After are long nap we did more Easter egg hunting in the backyard this was really fun and the kids loved it! We made it to the Scipio dairy queen for dinner then just hang out the rest of the night. Sunday we woke up and went to church in Scipio then after church loaded up the car and headed to Orem to be with me family. We made it just in time for dinner which was so yummy.. and more Easter egg hunting. We still ahve 2 McCuistions not married so my parents include us adults in the hunt. SO my parents go outside and hide everything and we all go out and get it.

It was really fun. Allie got a cute outfit, more candy, bubbles, a kit and much much more. She gets so spoiled on these Holidays. After that we headed home. We were pretty worn out when we got home but we had so much fun. Before we left Orem my Dad played a video that is on and it has Elder Hollands talk about the Atonement along with some pictures. (IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT IT'S A MUST)It was the perfect ending to the day. I love the Easter Holiday I love the whole week preparing for it. I reflect more that week about what the Savior has done for me then any other week. How grateful I am that I don't have to do it alone!

Here's a picture of me at 25 weeks. Sorry it's so blurry!