Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tubes Tubes Tubes

Well after 5 ear infections in 7 weeks we decided it was time for Avie to get ear tubes. She had gotten her first infection just after she turned 2 months and we had one or two about every other week. It was horrible it threw off her whole sleep schedule.

I took her to an ENT who said she had some drainage issues in her ears especially in her left ear so we decided this would be the best thing for her. It has been about a week now and she is doing a lot better. She has been so happy. We are working on getting her to sleep threw the night again since she was so used to getting up and us having to feed her to get her to sleep again. That has not been very fun. But hopefully I can get some sleep again soon!

I love the little outfit she was put in. she was happy that morning which I was grateful for since she could not eat.