Sunday, July 26, 2009

Aubrie is Here!

Aubrie Robins was born on July 21st at 10:00am. My water broke around 11:30 Monday night while Dusty and I just got done cleaning our carpets. We hung around the house for a little bit Dusty needed to shower and I wasn't really having any bad contractions so it was just fine. We had our friend Ashley come and stay with Allie and then we were off to the Hospital. I was admitted around 1:00am given my epidural around 2:00 and as soon as my epidural was in Dusty was passed out of the couch. Good thing I brought a book to read. I couldn't sleep with all the people coming in and out so I just hung out. It took me almost 4 hours to dilate to a 4! Once I got there it seemed to go by pretty fast I jumped to a 7 then another hour I was an 8 that was around nine then from nine till 10:00 things went really fast I was at a 10 before I new it and then it was time to push I pushed through 2 contractions it was seriously maybe 10 min of pushing and she came out. It was amazing! You forget what an amazing feeling that is to see this baby that has been in you for 9 months come into the world. I just wanted to kiss her and hold her. She weighed 7.7 and 18 inches long. Allie was EXACTLY the same. She has a little bit of hair which is actually different then Allie. Allie had nothing but Aubrie has a little fuzz on top. She looks like Allie but there is something that makes her different I can't figure it out yet. She has been such a good baby compared to Allie. Allie was a screamer as soon as we brought her home and Aubrie only cries when she is hungry. It's been such a blessing. Allie still isn't sure of her yet. So hopefully that changes soon. When Aubrie wakes up to eat at night Allie wakes up from Aubrie crying and she gets scared. So Dusty is hoping that changes because I'm taking care of Aubrie so that means he is taking care of Allie. But things are going really well we couldn't of asked for two cuter little girls we are so blessed!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting Closer

I went to the doctor today and everything is looking so good. They checked my cervics and I am 70% effaced and 1-2 dialated. I was pretty excited about that until I came home and looked in my journal and realized this is exactly how far I was at 36 weeks with Allie and I went 4 days over!! So, I'm not getting my hopes up that little Aubrie will decide to come early on her own. I will be induced on the 23rd if she doesn't come before that but I'm pretty sure she won't. It's so exciting to get down to the end I can't believe how fast it's gone. Aubrie will you get her already!

Oh and I know I still need to update Newport pictures I'm trying to get all of the pictures from family. I will do it soon! Here's a sneak peak :)