Monday, September 29, 2008

Allie is 1

Today was Allie's first birthday. How fun it was to think about all the things that have changed from last year. We started off the birthday last night with movies from when I was pregnant and up till the most recent video we had. How fun it is to go back and watch all of that. Then after that this morning Dusty left before the birthday girl woke up so I made sure and filmed me coming into the room singing Happy Birthday. Apparently I took to long to come in and get her that by the time I came in she was so made at me she just started screaming. Well I made up for that with a yummy breakfast which included pancaked and eggs and fruit she loved it. After eating I threw her in the tub and I think she thought that I needed a present as well so when I left her for just a second to go and grab something from the other bathroom I came back and there was a nice surprise in the tub. That's right there was the biggest piece of poop just hanging out in the tub. So instead of taking 20 minutes to take a bath this took almost an hour. It was disgusting. Once she was dressed we were off to Grandma's to get some shopping done and go to lunch. After that we came home and it was time to set up all of the b-day stuff. I went way overboard on this birthday party. Oh well it's her first right! Anyway, here are just a preview of pictures there will be more to come! Happy birthday Allie we love you!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Colorado Trip

I finally got my computer to upload pictures! Here are some pictures of our Colorado trip.

Allie and I on the airplane. If you can't tell I am scared to death.

Allie and Daddy

Allie all by herself in a seat. We were lucky they had a row of three and moved us there so Allie could have a seat and play with her toys.

Dusty was so pale because this flight was so bad with turbulence that he thought he was going to puke.

Cousin McKade getting ready to play in the Lake

Allie getting ready to play in the Lake

Cousin Weston playing with Allie.

Family Picture

Grandma Janice and Allie

Jannica, me, Denali and Allie hiking to the falls in Steamboat Springs

All the girls

Denali and Allie

Dusty and I

Allie and McKade