Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scipio Rodeo

The 24th of July is the best in Scipio. There are so many things going on and my kids have such a fun time. We start off the morning with the parade which we get to be in so my kids were really excited about that. Then there is town games at the park where the kids get to run races and play games...after that we head home and relax till the rodeo that night.

All the Robins Grandkids (except Ben)

Aubrie had a rough night at the all started when she dumped Dutys 42 oz drink all over herself. She does not like to have anything wet on her so she immediately took her clothes off. So she ran around the rodeo for the most part in a diaper and no clothes or just her shorts. I finally got her clothes pretty dry then she spilled her slushie all over herself so I just gave up and let us be white trash :)

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