Friday, September 28, 2007


Kristin and I enjoy hiking together. This is a picture of us hiking to Stewart Falls last year. Stewart Falls is just above Sundance. Last summer we hiked a lot more but Kristin's belly slowed us down this year. We went on hikes to the Y, which is steep but fun, and our favorite hike was at Maple Grove. Maple Grove is tucked away in the mountains just 15 minutes from Scipio. The hike we go on brings you on top of a 100 foot water fall. Very cool to look at. Before you start the hike you can stop and drink out of a fresh water spring. This spring puts out the best water it is always clean and very cold! I think it is the best water in the world.
I had talked up this water to Kristin for a week and when she drank it for the first time I was anticipating a reply confirming how good it was. After a few swallows she looked at me and said "it just taste like regular water." I was very let down. We still laugh about it.
We can't wait till Allie can come with us on all our hikes. It will be a blast to strap her to me and spend the day in the mountains.

Friday, September 21, 2007

This is me getting mad at Kristin for intentionally pushing my buttons!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wedding Bells

Great news! Kristin's little sister Katelyn is getting married on Nov 16 to a stud named Matt Risenmay. We are very excited to have him in the family. We are trying to get them to move out by us in Eagle Mountain so we'll see what happens.

Monday, September 17, 2007

tuna tuna and more tuna

Every single day my wife wakes up early to make me a tuna sandwich. You would think by now I would get sick of it but I still crave it everyday. I am very picking on how I like my tuna sandwiches, just ask Kristin. I like to have Bubble Bee tuna (in water not oil), I like to have a large spoon full of sweet relish in the mix, and only Grandma Sycamore's bread is the only bread worthy to call my tuna home. Also, before it is finished the sandwich has to be cut on a angle as to get the proper crust intake when eating.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Kristin and I enjoy fishing together, even though she usually catches more fish than I do. We enjoy the time it gives us to just talk and to be outdoors. We always have the best conversations when we are fishing.

The fish I have on my line was so big that I didn't even know that I had caught anything. I was just reeling my line to recast and there was a fish on my hook.