Monday, February 28, 2011

What A Day!

I am sitting here and all the kids are almost to bed. Well Allie and Aubrie are and Dusty is trying to get Avie to sleep. Avie has had a rough last couple of days. It all started Thursday night when she didn't do her normal sleeping routine..i thought well maybe she is having an off night...well then Friday night was just as bad then Saturday night she only slept like maybe 2 hours in like half hour increments. So i took her to the UVP after hours and found out she has DOUBLE ear infections poor kid. We got her some meds and she seemed to do better yesterday. she didn't sleep great last night but she did do a 3 hour stretch so i thought we were on the rise. i was wrong today has seriously been the worst. She has cried non-stop for almost 2 hours then she would fall asleep for 30 min and wake up screaming. I feel so bad for her that she is in this much pain. I got her some numbing ear drops so I hope that helps but man it was a rough day. Days like today make me miss the normal fun days which we almost always have. hopefully the meds will kick in and tomorrow will be better... I just don't want her to hurt and I don't want her to scream like she did today it was horrible! other kids news...Aubrie is at such a fun/crazy age. She does some really funny things and some other not so fun...Some not so fun it taking her diaper off and pooping EVERYWHERE, Throwing tantrums when i don't understand her and thinking it's funny to run away from me... The fun things are: she always says to me "i want to see that" if I am doing anything she wants to see it, she gives kisses then says "yuck", she makes the cutest smile face and tonight for FHE we played duck duck goose and it was so cute when she figured out what to say. She would always have Dusty be goose she is a big time Daddy's girl..I really could go on and on about this little girl I really do love her.
Allie is in a let's see how far I can push mom mood. At church dusty went to take Aubrie out to change her diaper well Allie wanted to go I told her no and that he would be back soon. I turn my head to get something and turn back to see her laughing down the isle and running as fast as she can. I am sitting there thinking okay I need to get her but what do I do with my baby who is sleeping in the car seat so I asked a lady to keep an eye on Avie and I took off after Allie everyone i swear was laughing at me. This was not the first time she had done this to me. Looking back now it is pretty funny but in the moment I felt so stupid. My kids always keep me on my toes and I love it!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dallas Trip

Back in October we found some great tickets to fly our whole family to Texas in Feb. to visit Jake, Paris and Jaxen. We were so excited to go. Allie would ask me everyday when are we going on an airplane to see Jaxen. Our flights were really good but the girls did not do that great. Allie did ok as long as she had the ipad or a movie on, Avie pretty much just slept and ate. Aubs was our challenge which I knew going into it she was going to be a problem. So we just tried to entertain her but sometimes we had 10 minute screaming tantrums. Oh well we made it there safe and that is all the counts to me.

The kids hadn't seen each other in almost a year so they were a little shy at first but the warmed up to each other really fast.

We did so many fun things...we went to the amazing parks they have in Texas...seriously they really are so big and amazing.....we went to the fort worth stock yards this was so fun. We had great BBQ and the kids had a lot of fun with the old fashion candy store and petting Zoo. We took the train and went to the Dallas Zoo. Allie talks about the animals she saw there all day long.

At night we would get all the kids to bed and either watch a movie or just sit and visit. it was so fun to spend some time with Jake Paris and Jaxen can't wait to see them again at Newport this summer!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cousins and Pictures

i have been looking through our photos and came across these. I love looking at pictures. I love seeing how much my kids have grown up. These are from two Christmas's a go. Time really does go fast.