Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I know I'm slacking!

I have some many things I need to blog about and pictures but for some reason my stupid internet will not upload my pictures!!! It's getting me so mad. Dusty and I and Allie went to Denver Colorado for a Robins family reunion and we had so much fun. All of the family came but Ben and Staci. We all wished they could have been there! It really was so much fun and I have some really cute pictures to post so someday I'll get to it. Other than that nothing new. Dusty just went to Colorado last weekend for work so that was not to fun for me but my family keep me busy with a trip to park city! It was really fun except for the fact that Allie and I both got sick I swear it happens every time we go to that cabin. Anyway, check back later for more pictures and updates I will get this thing to work.