Monday, June 30, 2008

San Francisco

Last week my sister Kasey, me and Allie flew to Sacramento to visit our sister Katelyn and her husband Matt for the week. We had so much fun! My only wish is that Dusty would have been able to come too. Oh well maybe next time. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Me, Katelyn, Kasey and Allie One of our many pit stops for Allie.

Allie and I on the boat to Alcatraz.

Me in jail at Alcatraz

Allie and I on the Pier in San Francisco

Allie in her stroller. She was so good on this trip. I swear the people in San Fran. have never seen a baby. I knew I had the cutest baby but seriously I had so many people tell me how cute she was and the funny thing is whenever some one came and talked to us Allie would smile so big. She knows how to get what she wants!

Allie at the Cheesecake Factory

Allie's sad face. I love it she sticks her bottom lip out so far.

All of us girls at the Cheesecake Factory

Kate, Allie and I.

Me, Kate and Allie.
So, if you can't tell I got my wisdom teeth out 4 days before we left and I am still swollen in these pictures.