Friday, March 28, 2008

Allie has been Tagged

Allie has been tagged her are some of Allie's favorite things:

#1 Allie loves to move her right leg (just like Ella, Amy) she will be laying on the ground and moving just her right leg back and forth. The other day I took her to the park and in the swing she was so excited she was moving that dang right leg it's so funny.

#2 In church when everyone is singing she will sing too. I love it! She just make these high pitched screams and when the music stops she will stop. A couple of Sundays ago they were still finishing the sacrament so the piano was still playing she took off doing her own solo. It was the best.

#3 When she eats something she likes she says "mmmm" and smacks her lips together. I love it when she does this. She loves carrots but her most favorite is a cherry jolly rancher sucker. I know, I know what am I thinking but I can't resist the lip smacking and cute noises.

#4 She just learned how to spit. She spits out her binky and thinks it's so funny. But when it doesn't return she starts to cry.

#5 She loves crowds and being around people. We went to the outdoor expo in Salt Lake a couple of weeks ago and was loving all of the people. She was making all sorts of funny noises and people would come and talk to her and she would smile so big. She loves the attention.

#6 She loves her bath. Every night we give her a bath and she will be a little fussy before but as soon as I take her in the bathroom and lay her on the floor to take her clothes off she is all smiles. She loves to dip her hand in the water then suck her hand.

#7 She will only fall asleep is the blanket is up over her face. I hate this but seriously she loves it. She will pull the blankets so there over her face and sometimes its the only way to get her to calm down. But it doesn't really surprise me since I always wake up to her Dad doing the dame thing.
#8 She loves to make noises i the morning. She will lay in bed for a good half hour just talking to her self and when I come in to get her she smiles so big. It makes my day every morning.
#9 Her Binky is probably her favorite toys. She pulls it out and puts in back in upside down and chews on it and makes all sorts of noise. What would we do without Binky's??
#10 She loves paper. I think its the crumbly noise but she loves it. To get her to stop crying at work I give her a crumbles up piece of paper and she will play for a good 15 min. Today on our way to work I had her 6 month check up sheet in my diaper bag that was sitting next to her and some how she reached over and grabbed the paper and just killed it. Good thing I have her appointment today! Oh well.
We tag: Jaxen, Braxton, Kyson, Hallie, Mazie and Alli

Friday, March 21, 2008

V-Day Pictures

Pictures for Dad!

I'm late posting this but oh well. I took Allie and I and went on got some pictures taken for Valentines day for Dusty. They turned out pretty cute. I don't think I will EVER got back to the Wal-mart photo center again. We were there for 3 hours their machine kept breaking down!! At least I got some cute pictures out of it! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Allie is 5 Months old

Here are just some cute pictures of Allie at work. She has been sitting up really well for a little while now. I can't believe how fast time is going.

Not very happy.